Basement remodeling

What if you could double the square footage of your home? Turn that dank, dark, glorified storage unit below your feet into a cozy, functional living space that is just as bright and cheery as the rest of your home.

We Offer Ground-up Basement Finishing

Don’t hire that fly-by-night handy person you found on the internet to slap some drywall around your moist basement; you’ll regret it faster than you can imagine. Instead, go with us; we understand the ins and outs of New England basements. A future-proof basement project starts with controlling moisture. From there, the sky’s the limit (or the height of your floor joists.)

How We Finish Basements

  • Install water-resistant membrane, when needed
  • Control moisture with sump pump, de-humidifier, etc.
  • Level floor & install high-quality flooring of your choice
  • Lay drywall, design floor plan
  • Create a custom space just for you and your family

Call Us Today for a Beautiful Finished Basement

We provide free quotes, and we love collaborating with our clients to create stylish, functional spaces that will last a lifetime. Finishing a basement isn’t an easy task; it requires a careful plan from the ground up. Hire someone you can trust; someone with a local history of great basement work.